What is Fly?

FLY is a unique inspirational Art book containing 230 pages. It is a reminder of the goodness that exists in the human race. Through mediums of Art and Written narrative, we collected 49 stories of hand picked individuals. People just like you & me, who faced the impossible, undertook many challenges, believed with all their hearts and changed the world. The inspirational nature of this project stems from the various life journeys and multiple professions of the individuals chosen. They range from the Artistic to the Scientific to the Political and many who became heroes through fateful encounters that show how human tenacity transcends all time, culture and space. Our vision and dream is creating an emotional experience as you flip through the pages of FLY. You are filled with a sense of strength, of light and of love. That the power of human perseverance will flood all of your senses and remind you of the beauty and goodness in the world. This is our offering to humanity – a remedy for melancholy, a hope for a better future. Be inspired, be uplifted: FLY!

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